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Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO)

Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation(KOMSCO), established with the full investment of the National Treasure under the special law in 1951, is the sole currency manufacturer in the Republic of Korea.

It operates under the direct control of the government. Its major function is to manufacture the banknote, coin, national bond, various securities issued by the government, currency safety bond issued by the Bank of Korea, postage stamps, special government certificates and other special printed items. It also manufactures the papers needed for the printing of the above items, and other special paper. Cherishing such lofty spirit of an ancestor that invented the world's first metallic movable type some 200years earlier than that of Gutenberg, KOMSCO has been exerting itself to supply prime quality currencies for over 50years since its foundation in 1951. The Corporation's craftsmanship which represents the very reliability and creativity flows consistently through every one of the people to the sole national security printer and mint. As a high-technology security product manufacturing company, KOMSCO sets a high priority on research and development and KOMSCO represents the innovation and the evolution of security technology. Because it has been able to meet all growing security requirements through consistently foresighted development, thereby gaining the confidence of Korean government, many other foreign governments and central and commercial bank.

Related Companies Daewoo International Corporation

Daewoo International Corporation, with roots going back to 1967, has been serving a leading role in Korea's economic development through export enlargements.

Daewoo International Corporation emerged as a company dedicated to international trading and investment when the international trading and construction sector of Daewoo Corporation was spun off into three (3) companies : Daewoo International Corporation, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Company Limited and Daewoo Corporation. Since the completion of workout on Dec.27, 2003, Daewoo International Corporation has been growing and finally became one of the POSCO Family Members in October, 2010. Through this chance, Daewoo International Corporation will fulfill the vision of becoming a "World Top Class Trader, Investor, Developer".

Daewoo International Corporation, which plays a significant role as a driving force for trading and overseas investments of Korea, is deploying a variety of businesses in diverse areas including international trading, manufacturing, sales, and resource development with approximately 6,000 customers by collecting and utilizing the optimum information using the global business networks.